About Us

Who doesn’t love celebrating special moments in life? Holidays, graduation parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers. We love gift giving, especially to the ones we truly care about. However, finding the perfect gift for the occasion can be tricky. Before Olive and Ivory, we shopped gift stores and websites trying to find the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and not something you would just throw away. With busy schedules and not being able to shop around, we were looking for a one stop shop where we could purchase both high quality and unique gifts that would be worth giving. This is when Olive and Ivory Gift Co came to exist. Olive and Ivory is a gift company that sells pre-curated gift boxes. Each box contains handpicked user tested products that are trendy and unique to each occasion. We have set the bar of what gift giving is by the quality of products we sell and the experience each loved one receives. We make it easy for you to shop our store, browse our products and feel confident in giving a gift that’s worth giving.

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